Are You Using a Safe and Trusted Roofing Company?

Are You Using a Safe and Trusted Roofing Company?

Roofing Costs

When it comes to home repairs, some homeowners go for the best price instead of the best company or person for the job.  Using online listings may seem like a good idea, but how reliable are the people you find and can you trust them to come into and work on your home?  Your roof plays a significant role in the value of your home.  Most estimates state that the value of a roof is about five percent of the overall value of the home.  However, roofing problems can cause significant issues in other areas, particularly with leaks that cause interior damage.  It is therefore important that you find someone that can actually do the work you need and do it well.

One of the first steps in finding a proper roofing business is due diligence.  Talk to the contractor or business owner to find out what affiliations and memberships they possess.  Check out their ratings and ask about proper licensing and certifications.  If they cannot or are unwilling to produce these documents, it may be time to search elsewhere.  Here is a basic checklist for hiring your roofing contractor:

  •  Check their licensing and insurance.
  •  Have them provide you with a roofing inspection report that details the work to be done.
  •  Receive a written estimate or quotation of the work to be done and who is going to perform that work (eg, will any portion be contracted out to another company).
  •  Check whether they are a member of a trade association and ask previous customers to certify their reputation and quality of work.
  •  If they are replacing or removing any items, get a detailed explanation of why these areas must be replaced instead of fixed.
  •  Discuss preventative measures that will be taken to protect other areas of your home from damage.
  •  Verify the quality of the materials to be used, ensuring that they meet minimum safety standards (or higher, if that is what you are paying for).
  •  Get all warranty information prior to the job being started (most roofing material manufacturers offer extended guarantees, but if the materials are not installed correctly then the warranty will be invalidated).



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